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Great help and assistance
Bluffhill: Fertilizers

“I am what you may call a regular REGULAR customer of the Bluffhill Farmshop. My relationship with them began when I first began my horticultural journey 5 years ago and I have not strayed from them yet. I usually purchase their Compound D, Compound C and Ammonium Nitrate as well as their seed and chemicals. Their Sales Agronomists, Munya and Tariro, have been of great help and assistance throughout the years and their advice has been timely and productive. The Sales lady, Ruth, is a breath of fresh air and is very friendly. Their location is quite accessible for me and I am able to make arrangements that are convenient for me when it comes to purchases whenever I need to. One of the seeds that I buy from them is the Tomato Mashadu and its’ performance has been so outstanding that ZBC together with Spinyard have come through to view the tomatoes.”

Mr. Svova
Hybrid varieties
Winpat Hardware, Harare

“We began our operations in 2013 and have been selling NTS seeds since the very beginning. The seeds move so well that we are actually keen on carrying more of their seed, particularly, the hybrid varieties.  Our best performers are the Rape Hobson and Sugar loaf varieties.”

Mrs. Chabvamtero: Vegetable and Crop Seeds.
Good Customer Services
Bluffhill Farmshop

“ I used to use competitor seeds, then they were discontinued and I worried about whether or not I would be able to find seeds that performed as well as they did. I then met Munya and Tariro (Agronomists) who introduced me to hybrid seeds and I have not looked back since. The seeds perform very well but Ilanga pepper is my best performer followed by the cucumbers, Boreal and Bologna. On average I harvest 20 good and non-deformed cucumbers per plant and that is better than I have received from any other cucumber variety. I am especially impressed by the customer service by the sales person at the Bluffhill Farmshop and Tendai (Agronomist) as they are very helpful, friendly and always eager to assist.

Mrs. Gumbi, Greenhouses in Greendale & Shawasha Hills: Peppers, English Cucumbers and Tomato Mashadu
Good Germination

“I bought 4kg Watermelon, Crimson Sweet variety in October 2018 and planted it on 1 hectare land. My largest watermelon was 16kgs and it produced a yield of 30tonnes.The germination was good and the overall quality impressed me so much that I have repurchased to plant again this year.”

Mr. Archford Gwekwe, Mt. Hampden
High Yeilds
Chinhoyi: NTS51

“Last year, I purchased 75kgs of the hybrid seed NTS51 which is drought-resistant and managed to achieve a yield of over 9tonnes. Early 2019, in February, I purchased more NTS51. I have since planted them, am using a sprinkler system to water my crop and am very pleased with what I am seeing in my fields. I cannot wait to see my tonnage yield for this year.”

Mr. Brighton Matombo, Uplands Estates